Saturday, January 7, 2017

fj55 drip rail

We had a couple super warm days right after the holidays so I decided to do a little winterization of the FJ55. It's in good condition, but I knew that if I was going to drive it this winter that I would need to do a little preventive maintenance on the roof. The Iron Pig's are notorious for rusting in the roof area as the drip rail seam starts to break down and water penetrates the interior. I had noticed a little water in the cargo are and my torn headliner indicated that the ceiling insulation was damp. This signaled to me that I would need to address the cracked seam sealer in the drip rail. I wire brushed all the old seam sealer and chipped away at any remnants. I had to do a little lead work on one of the pillars  as well as the half way seam in the roof where they leaded things at the factory once the roof was welded on. Those areas came out well after just a small amount of file work. Once that was all clean, I sealed the metal with epoxy paint and then applied new seam sealer. I'll need to do a little sanding of the seam sealer to clean up any small nubs, but it should be ready for paint now. I am working on re-insulating the ceiling and the new headliner is here so I can get it installed as well.

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