Saturday, January 7, 2017

jill's snowy birthday

We received our first significant snow in North Carolina since moving here in August of 2016. I think we have around 8-10 inches. Today is Jill's birthday and she is thrilled that we are snowed in. The kids have been watching movies in-between playing in the snow, and Jill is working on a puzzle and enjoying her calm day at home. I decided to go out with this kids this afternoon to shoot some pictures of the snow and see how clear the road in front of our house is. The first picture above was taken from near the top of our driveway.

This photo was taken about half way down, looking out over the ravine that our driveway runs beside.  

The shots above are taken from near the bottom of our driveway looking up toward our house. The drive way curves sharp left at the top next to the large pine tree. 

These top two images are looking down Baird's mountain at the road that runs beside our house. With the leaves on the trees most houses are difficult to spot on the side of the surrounding mountains, but now that winter is here, most all of the houses are exposed and visible.

This shot was taken looking up toward the top of Baird's mountain. That said, in the farthest top point in this photo you still would only be about half way up the mountain. This is the road we travel to take the kids to school each day. Last night we arrived at our driveway to find a few cars that were not able to advance farther than a few yards past where this photo is taken from. It is at about this point that we hear most cars downshift to start the accent to the top. 

I'm glad we don't have anywhere to be today...

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