Saturday, February 18, 2017

anodizing setup

I built an aluminum anodizing set-up for the studio at school. I was bummed that I couldn't bring the set-up I made at UWM due to all of the hazardous chemical and shipping. I ended up buying new buckets and then welded up a new cathode plate surround last week. I got most of the chemicals mixed last semester except for the nitric bath, so I took care of that last week. I put labels on the baths this week, mixed dyes, and made labels for the colors. I gave the students a demo this past week and we did a small demo batch of samples. I'm really happy with the colors we're getting. I think the students were stoked on the process. 

They get to make 20 samples now to assist them in figuring out what finish their letter opener and utensils might possibly have. I hope to build a cart on wheels that can house chemicals and rectifier. I am just maxed out for space in my teaching studio. I keep crossing my fingers that we'll get a new building at some point during my career here. Wishful thinking...

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