Saturday, February 18, 2017

ural 1WD in snow

I worked on the Ural a few weeks ago. I've been having carb trouble ever since I moved to the mountains. It turns out that I had a needle with a broken tip and some dirty jets. I think the ride from Milwaukee to Boone maybe shook the living daylights out of the bike. I ordered two new titanium needles that have adjustable heights (as most needles do). The stock needles are fixed height. I got the carbs back together and I now have a strong running Ural again. I was able to ride all week and even rode in the snow at the start of the week. The commute to work is very different from my Milwaukee commute; twisty and steep roads. I'll have make a video sometime so you cam all get a sense of things. I also got four new tires to install on the Ural. I really liked these Duro tires the last time. The were good in to snow and had strong sidewalls that work well with the weight of the sidehack. I'm trying to decide if I try to make it through summer before swapping or if I should change now. I probably could get away with a tire rotation with the existing tires so I may do that and prolong the life. Just hoping we don't get any more snow...

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