Thursday, March 16, 2017

penland community open house

Two weekends ago, I went down to Penland to volunteer as a helper at their community open house. Ian Henderson is the Metals studio coordimator there, I was going to be assisting his pewter casting workshop. I had never met Ian, but was well aware of his amazing work. I had just recently seen some of his recent work in the Panland show that was at the Turchin

When I arrived at Penland, I visited the gallery and then caught a shuttle up to the Metals studio. I visited with Jay Fox in the print area and then headed over to meet Ian and the rest of the volunteers. Ian (@anianhenderson) had everything organized and planned out so that visitors could cast their own pewter spoon at the Penland Community Open House. 

Participants (even children) got to pour their own ladle of molten pewter, open the mold, quench their spoon, and then hand off to volunteers to cut and file the sprue/button. What a great project and format to get people involved in making! Just another way to connect Craft and Community. Nothing builds awareness, education, and respect for the arts like engaging people through hands on making and practice. 

I had a great time! There was a line out the door of the Penland Metals studio from 1-5. Good times... I was at the sawing station from 1-5 and managed to not break a single blade. Everyone kept commenting on the pewter "kisses". I should have kept count, but the callus on my finger tells me the pile above was a drop in the bucket! Anyway, I'm sure I'll be attending this each year this roles around and volunteering to help. I love living near Penland!

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