Tuesday, April 18, 2017

sloss: direct carving

One of the first workshops we attended at Sloss was a direct carve workshop. This is kind of similar to some of the techniques my students were doing in our casting class last Fall except we were using petrobond rather than resin bonded sand. Chuck uses a similar technique in his work, although much more complex in his use of a carved core. The two workshop instructors were taking a scratch block approach to this but using a two part mold application. The textural possibilities are really great as you can see above. I love the thought of doing a Foundations project utilizing this technique with a found object that can be used as a mold object and then textured added through direct carving. The use of small carving tools such as a Dremel is also really cool. I like the fine detail approach to creating surface. Definitely something to think about here...

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