Tuesday, May 23, 2017

biomechanics and rhythmic potential

Rudolfs J. Drillis' "Folk Norms and Biomechanics

Wisdom of the Hands has an interesting post on the  rhythmic potential of the human body. He had posted the diagram above as a part of the article. Interesting read for certain. Christof had also posted about something on facebook about an designer who was discussing the loss of hands on experimentation due to the digital age. Lately the more I use digital production techniques the more I find myself wanting to make things by hand or at least the urge to just start working without doing so much planning in the computer. However there are certain computational aspects and what potential that has for new forms that keep me coming back to the computer. A balance is needed for sure. The mind is able to think of things during that rhythmic work that simply cannot happen while navigating the virtual world. I find myself pondering the how and why or this...

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