Thursday, June 22, 2017

cnc jeweler's bench

I've been working on a CNC jeweler's bench design and trying to get it finalized so I can cut one on the CNC router at school. I want to be able to make a bench that can be used in our school studio. A complete set of new benches (16 benches) would cost over 4 grand and I believe I can create a complete set of benches for the school studio for under 1.5 grand in wood. If I could get a wood donation, I would only have the time and effort in cutting, fabrication, and finishing. We really need these benches as it would open up a lot of storage space for student tool kits in the drawers, the size of the bench would improve studio layout, and it would allow better posture/seating for students when working. I hope to be able to offer this design as an open source design for people interested in building their own bench once the file has been verified. I have some tweaks to make, but it's close. I laser cut a scale version to see if I was missing anything. I hope to cut the first scale version next week.

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