Friday, June 9, 2017

construct3D 2017: grasshopper workshop

The Grasshopper workshop that I attended at Construct3D was conduced by Andres Gonzalez. There were a lot of people present in the workshop and it was full of familiar faces. I sat next to Tom Burtonwood and saw Colby Parsons when I walked in. I am so glad I took this workshop. I've been messing around with Grasshopper definitions for several years but I really didn't have a good foundation in understanding it, how it works, or even a smart application of it. I was mostly just using existing definitions and plugging my own inputs into it. I always felt like this was problematic as I was just using what was already out there to run my data through and the definition just became a kind of "filter" for me to use. It makes since why so much work made with Grashopper ends up looking the same as the steps of the "filter" are creating similar end results when the definition is used in this manner. 

Regardless, Grasshopper has always appeared to be a useful tool for parametric iteration. Now after attending the workshop I have a better understanding about building my own custom definitions that do exactly what I want to do. Andres mentioned that for some people starting with grasshopper might be a beneficial way to enter into the world of Rhino modeling and at first I would have disagreed, but after watching him and following along, I realize what he's talking about. 

I hope to take more classes in Grasshopper as I see it as a very useful modeling tool. I really feel like I could start to teach the proper use of it as well. My colleague from AppState, Derek came in a little late to the workshop, but he has taken courses with Andres before. After the workshop Derek introduced a few of us to some of the other plugins for Grasshopper such as Xylinus. It's absolutely insane what you're able to do with some of these tools. I'm so glad I was able to attend the workshop.

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