Friday, June 9, 2017

south bend 9" resto

Last night I stayed up late and worked on stripping the paint off of my South Bend 9" Model A bench lathe. I used a citrus stripper from Lowes and let it sit on the Tractor Supply implement paint that I had used in grad school to restore the lathe originally. I used a hardener with the paint initially so it was really tough to remove with just a wire wheel so I decided to let the citrus stripper sit on the parts for a full week in my garage. The paint finally lifted and last night I took an angle grinder and wire wheel to the parts. They cleaned off so quickly and easily. Tonight I had a few spare moments to mix up some Rust-Oleum Smoke Gray and Royal Blue paint. I mixed the paint 1:1 to try to get a bit of a VW Dove Blue or Naval colored Blue Gray. I think I'm close.; the florescent lights don't quite get the color right here, but I think it will look good. My other lathes are all gray, but I wanted to change the color a bit for this lathe. This lathe is going to go in my garage shop so I can turn pieces for the home and work a bit from home after the kids are asleep. I'm looking forward to getting it painted and back together.

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