Sunday, June 4, 2017

ural tries, bearings, and me-pi tool

This weekend I replaced, repacked, and set preload on new wheel bearings on the Ural. The drawback of having a sidecar is having to buy more than two tires and bearings for more wheels for one bike. I had mounted new tires all the way around a week or two ago and while I was at it I decided to check the wheel bearings. One of the wheels had bearings that were toast so I just went ahead and sprung for new bearings all the way around. Today I made a simple tool for measuring brake shoe adjustment. Each shoe has an adjustment for setting the gap between drum and shoe. Most Ural owners used to recommend chalking the brake shoe, then mounting the wheel and checking for drag, and then taking the wheel and making fine adjustment until the chalk is just rubbed off. Gobium on Soviet Steeds website had made a tool called the me-pi tool. I made a modified version out of an old caliper that my Dad had given me years ago. I turned a piece of steel on my lathe and bored the I.D. to 20mm to fit the Ural axel. I cut the end off the caliper and welded the caliper to the steel bushing. It worked like a charm and I should now be able to sit the gap easily without removing the wheel multiple times. It rained all afternoon, so I wasn't able to get the wheels remounted, but hopefully I can do it this week.

I also did a job for Jimmy at Tsuga today. He's doing a job for the NFL so I fabbed up a simple aluminum piece for him. Sorry no pics on this, as I don't know if I can release the details yet.

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