Thursday, August 10, 2017

chuck penland visit

I met Chuck at Penland last Friday. He wanted to see Rachel and Jay while he was visiting North Carolina. Rachel is taking Vivian Beer's class on CNC plasma cutting so I wanted to visit to see what she was up to. Chuck and I looked around the visitors center and I bought a copy of the Residents book thee. It's great to see former student's work for sale in the gallery and Rachel's beautiful enamel plates were also on display there. 

We worked our way up to the main campus and met up with Jay almost immediately. It's so amazing to think that Jay landed this job straight out of grad school. So proud to see how well he's doing. We went and grabbed some lunch and Rachel joined us. After lunch she took us up to the Iron studio and she showed us what all people are working on. That studio space is simply amazing and I'm in awe each time I visit. Vivian Beer had arranged to get a CNC plasma cutter from and the students were using Rhino to create drawings and then cut components. Rachel was working on some forms that she will later weld and inflate, and she was working on a pendant lamp (which turned out killer). We had such a great time visiting and walking around. It was so great to be able to show Chuck around and to reconnect him with Jay and Rachel.

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