Sunday, November 5, 2017

recent thoughts...

The first part of Stuart Kestenbaum's talk about the small community that he lives in reminds me of my hometown. This talk reminds me of my role in my local community and the connection of craft and spirituality. It also reminds me of the relationships with people that are real. Good stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I really have enjoyed connecting with various people via Instagram BUT I've been getting kind of tired of Instagram lately and find myself being overwhelmed when I look at my feed. I've divulged this to Eric and Travis and I am really starting to think about the motivation for making and following other people.

I fear that my distaste for Facebook is spreading to Instagram. Something has changed for me. I think I was using Instagram just to gain approval by my peers that happen to be using Instagram too. Instead I just need to put my head down and work. I've decided to take a break from Instagram as I don't need to make things simply so that I can post. I just don't need that. It's another reason I have returned to the blog. I know only 70 people usually check out an average post and honestly I thinks this is the real audience I want to connect with. I think these are the people I truly want to engage with.

I've been thinking about some of the people I look up to and that have made an impact on the things I do. Most of those people don't even have a website let alone an Instagram account. It's because they are real people that I have visited with, hung out in their shop, worked with, solved problems with, or followed through multiple years of reading their blog etc. Those people don't need an Instagram account, or even a blog for that matter, to promote themselves because I know them personally. They've seen my messy studio and garage, they've seen me at my best AND my worst. They know whats real and what's "image". We have to find a way to reconnect to what is truly real. I'm vowing to take the time to go visit other people and to slow things down so I can really digest what someone is working on. So I can open up an actual dialog.

I had a great talk with Eric two weeks ago and it really put me in a good place. I need more long phone conversations, more studio/shop visits, more time working with people in my own studio, and just time by myself to work.

Also, I question wether the world needs to know what I am working on everyday. I guess I could have posted images of the pieces Maya and I made this week on the laser cutter for her fundraiser for church (and how she raised a large amount of money to help others) or I could have posted about reorganizing my studio, or sealing up the hole in my studio roof this past week. Instead I think I will just post the video above and spend some time drawing in my sketchbook instead. I think the time might be better spent there instead of thumbing through my Instagram feed...

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