Sunday, February 18, 2018

fj40 daily driver

I drove the FJ40 to work all last week. It did great on these longer shake down runs and I just have a few minor issues to take care of. The brake booster vacuum line actually was fuel line so I have some issues once and while with a tight brake pedal, so until I source some proper vacuum line, I'm off the road. I had an annoying oil leak that I was worried was a rear main seal, but instead is the oil pan drain plug and damaged threads on the pan. I have a new oil pan gasket and just decided to put a new pan on it since they're so cheap. I'll repair the old pan though to keep as a backup. So far things have been fun with this old beast. I get a lot of looks while driving and have already had multiple offers to buy it. It's fun to drive to the studio too and great for hauling stuff. It drives like a tractor and really reminds me of my sidecar. Pure utility; but perfect for the part of the country I live in.

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