Monday, September 3, 2018

kmg clone belt grinders

In between projects this summer, I worked on building a couple more KMG clone belt grinders. I built one of these many years ago, and I've used it a ton. I was thinking of making one for the campus studio and I had enough material to build two, so I decided to just get two going at the same time. My old one needed a tune-up too, so I figured it would be a good time to radius the corners on all the parts on the old grinder as well. 

As I was building these, I was informed that the safety folks at school might not like the idea that a piece of equipment, that was built by someone other than a commercial entity, was being used by students. Everyone's worried about getting sued; regardless that it's a copy of an existing design. This pretty much sums up the educational system and the type of students that we're sending out of the place; better play is safe and sit on our hands. Never-mind we have no budget to buy new equipment and I'm actually covering the labor and materials on my own dime during the summer months when I don't get paid. 

I guess I'll just have three fancy belt grinders in my own shop to use. At least if I get hurt, I'll know who to sue...

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