Sunday, September 2, 2018

steamer loan

Nadia (Penland Metals Coordinator) texted the other day to see if I had a steamer. that she could borrow for an upcoming workshop. I did in fact have a steamer that I had bought in Milwaukee from a jewelry store that was going out of business. If I remember correctly, I bought it for $20 thinking that I might someday use it. When Nadia asked me about the steamer I told her that I had never used it in the ten years that I've probably owned it. I ran over to the studio and topped it off with water and proceeded to test it. It cleaned my crescent wrench beautifully after it built the necessary pressure. I'm not sure why I've never used this; it's awesome! I think we'll be using this during my casting class for blasting excesses investment in tight areas. I loaned it to Nadia for a week or two for the workshop and she was very grateful. I was glad to help and go to learn something as well!

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