Thursday, November 1, 2018

tenure/full professo

My tenure dossier was due at the beginning of October. When I left UWM, I was not able to bring tenure with me to the new position at Appalachian State University. They did however allow me to keep my Associate Professor title so that they could offer me a more competitive salary. They also offered me time counted toward tenure. I started my third year here and so I was able to apply for tenure this year. Jill and I worked like crazy to update all of my digital materials that would be needed for the application and we went ahead and built off of my previous tenure packet from UWM with all hard copy materials (regardless of the fact that putting together BOTH hard copy and digital materials was not needed). With tenure, we are hoping for a title change of Full Professor. I had to receive approval for attempting Full Professor status from the Provost, and I did in fact receive that approval. This will mean that I will await the faculty response to my request for both Tenure and Full Professor in the coming weeks and then things can move up the chain of command. I should know something by summer. I also applied to be graduate level faculty regardless of the fact that we do not have a graduate program. I find that I miss working with graduate students very much. For the time being, it feels good to be done with the process of putting the materials together.

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