Monday, January 6, 2020

grungy machinist machining posts

Interesting Machining Photos from Instagram user: Grungy Machinist.

The LeBlond "Portable Engine Lathe" from the 1930s. It was made in 15", 17" and 19" swing versions and advertised as being suitable for use in "railway workshops, arsenals and battleships." I hope they had a good way to lock those wheels on battleships.

Advertising photo shoot for 9" x 3' South Bend "Workshop" Lathe. Circa 1938. Look at that long chip

Truing an armature and commutator on a 9" x 3' South Bend Workshop Lathe. 1937⁣

⁣Hanging behind, near the tailstock, is a hand operated mica undercutting attachment.⁣

Machining a bushing on a 13" Underneath Belt Drive Motor South Bend Lathe. 1948 Photo was used in a 1949 calendar

Measuring a part on an old "O" Series South Bend lathe. I like the little chip pan on the floor. Circa 1935 ⁣⁠ Follow

Using a Bridgeport 1/2 HP M head on a table mounted to the floor of a NASA wind tunnel to mill and drill for access panels.

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