Saturday, January 25, 2020

john mcgeen visit

I had an expected visitor this past week. John McGeen (one of my former students) and really great friend drove over from Greensboro. He was at the Science Museum working on a Harley exhibit that uses there new electric kids push bikes that was designed and built at Betty Brinn Children's Museum in Milwaukee where John works. John let me know that he would be down sometime, but we were totally stoked when John said he was going to drive the two and half hours over to Boone to visit after work one night. We didn't get nearly enough time to talk work, motorcycles, etc. but I was just glad he was able to visit the new shop, new house, and spend some time talking with Jill. We could not have made our move down here without John. He ended up moving so many heavy things and helping us load and make runs to the studio in Milwaukee. He also took all the things I couldn't fit on our moving truck!! I owe him big time! It was so excellent to see him! He sent me these pages from his Bultaco book so I could cross reference against some of the mods that have been made to my Pursang MkII. Thanks John; you're the best!

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