Wednesday, January 8, 2020

"new" 348 tank

I got tired of the stupid fiberglass tank on my Montesa 348 and replaced it with this steel minibike tank. I think this might have come off of an Indian minibike from the 70's, but I'm not for certain. Anyway, I silver soldered some brass fittings so I could run this tank on the 348 and not have to empty the gas everytime I was finished riding. I had to make a brass cap for the bottom drain and solder the barbed fitting to a threaded collar. The tank is small capacity, but the stock tank didn't hold much either. I'll throw a decent paint job on it when it warms up and call it "good" with some Montesa decals. I rode the bike around with this today, and I was so much better. The bike is still light and nimble and I actually think this allows the bike to move under me better than the stock tank. Looking forward to warmer weather...

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