Saturday, August 15, 2020

josh white camera stand

I cut down the main steel tube supports for this camera stand for one of my colleagues, Josh White. I had helped him load the full length stand with another colleague, Travis Donovan at a studio down in Hickory, NC into his truck during the pandemic at the start of the summer. The original tubes were probably 10 feet long making the entire stand taller than most normal height doors. Josh had gotten new shorter steel tubes to replace the original long tubes, but after he had difficulty removing the old tubes he decided to just cut the original tubes down. He brought them over to my studio and I cut and squared them for him. There are huge lead weights inside the tubes that help counterbalance the camera when it's put into different positions. Josh did a full resto on the stand. We texted back and forth about finishes. I recommended gun blue on the steel pipes since the main elevation apparatus runs up and down on these pipes. The camera is huge. The pics here don't do the entire setup justice, in terms of the scale.


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