Wednesday, December 30, 2020

classic metalshaping

I'm not certain why it is, but I've been into looking at sheetmetal stuff lately. I've subscribed to Classic Metal Shaping on You Tube for a while, but just rediscovered their videos while shopping for a Pullmax machine. I headed over to their website for a look at some of their work. I loved the bumper photos from above. Super inspiring! The grill shell work belong made me think of Shop Teacher Bob's recent work. I think he'll enjoy this.


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Shop Teacher Bob said...

Right you are - that's right up my alley! I'm making steady progress on my car but it's a steep learning curve trying to master metal shaping skills and at my age I know I'll never get advanced amateur, if that. No reason not to give it my best effort, though.

There's a shop not too far from me that does a lot of work on Millers/Offenhausers. You probably saw one of his cars at the Millers at Milwaukee event. He did some work for me years ago and his father was building a Miller block at that time from plate steel. I don't know how far he got on it before he passed away but the shop could do most anything and still does. Gary Bridge and Iron: