Wednesday, December 30, 2020

electric motorcycles info and links

As you might be able to tell, I am currently using the blog as some kind of reminder list/storage for ideas and things I find or discuss with people. For some reason, writing things down seems to help make it real and hopefully some of these things can happen. I use this a lot to refer to students when we are discussing ideas as well, and here lately I had just felt like everything I was referencing was coming from the past. Time for new content...

After discussions with Eric about building an electric motorcycle, I decided to do some research. I've found that a ton of people have built off-road electric motorcycles using the QS 138 motor and Sabvoton controller. Various people have even adapted the smaller output motor to bicycles. A few people I saw were comparing the Kelly controller and said that it's good for wringing every bit of potential out of your motor, but harsher on initial takeoff. I think it's worth looking into this based on what I've seen. You can buy a kit or source parts separately of course, but the prices seem decent to me. It looks like AliExpress and Alababa has a ton of different options if you can sift through all of the specs and various options. QS also makes some hub based motors as well that look pretty interesting. I think these would be good for a ground up build, but for some reason I like the idea of coupling the standard QS motor with a traditional chain driveline.

I found videos on programing the controller with a laptop and a lot of videos of folks just blasting around on these. It looks like tons of fun!

Silent Enduros has some good e-bike off-road content. As seen below.

Devin Lindstrom had some interesting videos as well.

Here is a hub driven set-up. I think it's using a motor like this.

And another motocross conversion...

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