Monday, January 4, 2021



I came across this video of several old bulldozer running and moving about. I love the pure utilitarian nature of the shapes, tracks, levers, seats, no seats, etc of these. The Cletrac brand is interesting. I had never heard of it before this. My neighbor has a bulldozer for blading the main road that I live off of. It is a heavy gravel road and requires regular grading.

For some strange reason, living where I do has me wanting a vintage bulldozer. It's funny how location dictates desire and necessity. I would never given this a second thought while living in the city; for obvious reasons. That said, I guess I think a bit differently when I have a little chunk of land and have the desire to move some dirt and gravel. I'd like to build onto my shop so this would be perfect for leveling some land behind the current shop. 

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