Saturday, February 11, 2023

holy holes

Yesterday and today, I ran my Tormach CNC for Chloe (a senior Sculpture student at AppState) and created this drilled cross stitch pattern in steel sheet. She is planning on pressing these sheets with steel hoops and then putting patina on them, and then stitching the pattern with thread. She has several of these to make and I'm helping out since our mill at school it too small to run the bigger designs. This one has over 2,000 holes so I ran the mill super slow and just let it peck away at the design. I ran part of it yesterday and then paused the machine at night and started it back up this morning when I took off to weld at school. I came back to a broken bit, so I had to re-run part of the program. I still broke a few more bits as I'm using #52 bits for this. Regardless, it came out nice and she can get to work now. She'll have several more designs to do, so I'm hoping to run some of these on the ShopBot at school so she can go bigger, and so she can babysit the router instead of me running these in my own shop when I have other jobs to do. I guess it's good that I can do the first ones to confirm that everything is working well.


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