Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've been keeping the printer busy lately. I decided to bring it home to the basement shop so I could let it print at night. It's so cool to be able to let it run unattended. I've been making lots of printer parts for the future printers that I'll be constructing. It really is printing quite well. My Industrial Processes class is going to make printers in the Fall for one of their sample assignments. Then they'll be able to use them to print the objects they design in Digital Fabrication and Craft. Everyone will walk away with a personal fabricator of some kind. I think it will really help their understanding of building machines too. I want to get a head start on building up some kits of parts to show them so I'm printing a lot. AND in between Noah and I have been working on some tie fighters. He's fascinated by the printer for sure..... I guess just like I am.

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