Monday, May 21, 2012

jerome and alternate 89

We stopped in Jerome on our way to Sedona. We took the same route that Jill and I had taken on our honeymoon which was Alternate 89. I think it's the most twisty road I have ever driven on and as you travel up and down the route you change elevation drastically. The view is breathtaking. We met several motorcyclists who were taking advantage of the twistys. Eventually you make your way to an old copper mining town called Jerome that was established in 1876. The small town was built into the hillside which happens to be extremely steep. The little town (once a booming copper mining town) is now home to antique shops, artist galleries, craftsman shops, diners, etc. Jill and I really thought it was charming when we visited 12 years ago and it was even better this time around. We spent a lot more time just browsing and exploring the town a bit. There was so much old mining equipment just sitting about that was still intact (something you'd never see in the rusty midwest). I highly recommend taking Alternate 89 if you ever find your way to Arizona.

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