Sunday, December 9, 2012

z-corp printing again

I worked on the Z-corp printer last weekend. It had been broken down since hosting Milwaukee's first 3D printing meet-up. The belt had slipped off again, due to the tensioner (idler) being out of adjustment. I fixed this and got it moving again, but then the cartridge was messed up. I made a new one from one of the extra Canon cartridges I had bought for the DCRL. I printed some pieces for Chad as a test to start working the ink out of the cartridge. I'm glad to see that things are now working well. Need to hook up the color system now.

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Have Blue said...

Yes, color! There's a number of people I've pointed your way (Chris@S67 among them) who are interested in hacking monochrome Z402 machines into color, so I'm sure they'll be interested in your progress.