Tuesday, January 29, 2013

platform cnc router

Matt shared this link with me about the CNC router pictured above. This is a slick little router and there is even a build log over on the CNC Zone website. Very nice design. The guy had built a nice MDF router before this that is even worth checking out on his site.


dorkpunch said...

Thats pretty cool! I've wondered why no ones done something like that. I've been talking with the woods teacher across the hall about building something we could switch back and forth between plasma and router- this would be perfect! I'll keep dreaming... In the meantime I'm starting to wonder how hard it would be to adapt a dremel to my Mendelmax. Don't think it would cut anything hard, but might be fun to do foam or wax.

Unknown said...

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Frankie Flood said...

dorkpunch, you are on to something for sure. We've been discussing the same thing here at our school. I'm hoping to have some time to develop something like that in the future.

Anonymous said...

Nice review. This is one huge platform machine. Is this new to the market? How mcuh this costs by the way? Just asking. Thanks!