Saturday, February 16, 2013

ball state architecture

Dustin Headley came to my artist talk and brought some of his students from the Ball State Architecture program. He currently teaches an Architecture studio course at Ball State, so he took me over to their building (as I was asking him about i.M.A.D.E.) after my talk. It was cool to see some of the projects that I had seen on their website. He took me down to their fab lab area and we walked through the woodshop. Then we headed up to his students studio so I could look at some of the material studies that his students were doing. I talked with a couple of his students about their projects before heading back over to the art building. They are doing some material studies similar to Kyle's class here at UWM and the work looks really great. The entire building was full of activity. Very inspiring to see everything happening.

He also informed me about to individuals in town that had gone through the program and that have their own design/build shop in Muncie. It's called Projectione. Unfortunately I had to leave town before meeting them, but from what I can tell, they have a lot going on. Dustin was super cool, and so kind to show me around the place. We exchanged info so I'm sure I'll be hearing more from him in the future. 

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