Saturday, February 16, 2013

ball sate sculpture

Chet Geiselman, from Sculpture, was kind enough to to allow me to use an old Walker/Turner drill press (sorry no pics of this in their general use woodshop) to make a bus bar with (I would have taken it home with me if I could have). He and I got to talking about blacksmithing, Little Giant power hammers (which he has two of) and SIU-C. He studied with Brent Kington (who recently passed away) and so it was cool to hear Chet talk about what it was like to work with him. He said Brent "would have given anyone the shirt off of his own back". It's always good to hear positive stories that confirm my assumptions about the great people who shaped metalsmithing's academic history here in the states.

I ducted out of the anodizing workshop to watch Kenton and some students pour some bonze. It's always cool to look at the studio set-up and procedures that people use at different schools. They use a timer from Grainger for their slurry setup for ceramic shell; seems to work well. Kenton has a really clean shop and organized shop. I really liked the wax working area with overhead ventilation. They have two woodshop areas (one for furniture and one for general use). I was so impressed with the layout of all of the studios. Made me wish that I had gone to school there.

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fabitecture said...

I am looking for that controller for the slurry. Is there a model number?