Sunday, February 24, 2013

cncrp router

I finally finished putting the z axis for the CNC router together. Chad helped me get the gear rack installed, and then I worked on getting a desktop setup with Mach 3 and I configured the XML file and connected the motor controller. Everything moves properly now. Today I cut some mdf and put it in place on the bed. This thing is huge! The travel is insane; between rails the table is 54" and as you can see, the 8 foot sheet doesn't begin to cover the entire bed. I think I'm going to get some t slot extrusion to put down for clamping. I still need to finish reinforcing the table and need to hook up the spindle. Should be cutting by the end of the week though.


dorkpunch said...

Thats pretty cool! I'm assuming you could set it up to do plasma as well? There was one very similar to that at a local auction here a few months ago, really wishing I had the money to buy it- it went for something like $1,500. I would love to be able to play with all of the toys you have. That reminds me, someday I would like to pick your brain about possible masters programs... Keep up the good work!

Frankie Flood said...


Your new printer is looking AWESOME! So cool.

Yes, I think this could be used as a plasma cutter if you protected the aluminum braces beneath. Would probably need to build a special bed for it.

Let me know if you're in the Milwaukee area. Your more than welcome to stop by anytime.

Keep up the great work with the printer! Can't wait to see the first prints!!