Wednesday, February 20, 2013

more prints

I cut another another woodcut for Raoul before I left for Ball State last week. I went to his studio to see him pull a proof from the last board that I cut. It was cool to see how he prints (sans printing press); check out the Home Depot burnishers. Crazzyy!


Shop Teacher Bob said...

I'm constantly amazed at both the quality and the scope of things you're turning out. Wish I could see in person some of that high-tech art being created. I've got a little CNC experience, but other than that, I'm strictly old school. A competent craftsman but no artist.

Noticed in your comments a week ago about questioning your calling. Don't! It obvious you're doing what you should be. I would assume the problems you've been experiencing have nothing at all to do with the classroom but with all those things around the periphery you have to deal with. Just be true to yourself, your art and your students. Now more than ever, education needs people with your passion.

Frankie Flood said...

Thanks! That means a lot coming from you.

All of this CNC stuff is new to me, so I understand where you're coming from.

I so much appreciate your words of encouragement. I truly respect your thoughts and look forward to reading your posts on education. I have a lot to learn about teaching and respect your experience. Thanks again!