Monday, March 4, 2013

cnc router dust shoe

I installed the router mount, router and dust shoe (from Kent CNC) on the large CNC router on Saturday in between all of the stuff that was happening in the DCRL. The dust shoe is impressive. I really like the magnetic brush section that allows for easy removal and installation. I first saw this on Arthur's blog a while ago and I'm glad I bought this. It should really help with the dust.

Aaron and I calibrated the router to make sure that it was moving properly and then we ran some test g-code on it. It works beautifully and now we just need to tighten all of the base bolts and put in the reinforcement braces on the stand. It should be ready to run some pieces once we get the spoil board mounted. Aaron has been a huge help this semester. He's really  taken the lead on a lot of projects in the DCRL. He's been handling all of our software install and computer maintenance as well as becoming the resident expert on Kinect 3D scanning. I'm proud of him for taking on a leadership role and using his skills to make the lab a better place to be. I really appreciate the things you're doing and the sense of community you are creating, Aaron!

Check out some of his videos from the DCRL here.


raster said...

Looking good!

I can't wait to stop by the lab again and see all the news stuff.

Frankie Flood said...

Yeah, I'm anxious for you to come over. We're really trying to get things in shape for our Open House event this year. We're going to have all sorts of things going on that day.

I should see you at the 3D printing meet-up this weekend too. Can't wait to see your new space!