Friday, April 26, 2013


I took the students from my Digital Fabrication and Craft course to IPPD yesterday. One of my former students works there and is currently doing a lot of welding of prototypes and she made the visit happen. They primarily make finished models and functional prototypes for design houses and companies. They demonstrated their process to us, starting with the design renderings that they receive, moving through to Solidworks assemblies, to CNC machining, and hand finishing and assembly of models. It was excellent for the students to see the prototyping that they are doing and that there is a real world application for what they are learning in class. It is also cool, that IPPD is in our backyard. We're hoping for some internship potential with the company. It would be good for placing students in this field and would help bolster the DCRL's role in the education of our students.

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