Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Our annual Metals student exhibition opening was last Thursday. There was a large crowd and the show was particularly special because we moved the exhibition to the new Art and Design gallery space that colleague,  Adream Blair and I were in charge of creating AND Mrs. Milbrath was in attendance during the opening. If you remember, last year the Milbrath family made a donation that has allowed us to give awards to metals majors for ten years. Mrs. Milbrath handed me a hand written envelop during the opening and told me that she wanted to extend the award for five more years. It was simply amazing! I had a great time visiting with her and hearing stories about her husband Harold and his career as a Metalsmith. It was also really good to see Christof again. It had been a long time and I have been following his recent work on Instagram. The night was great all around and so good to celebrate the hard work that our students have put into their coursework in the last year. 

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