Saturday, May 25, 2013

milwaukee makerspace

I finally made it over the new Milwaukee Makerspace building last night. I met Michael there so we could load up the FDM 2000, but I was dying to see the space too. The school year always makes it difficult to get away and do anything extra, and I finally had some free time this week so there was no excuse. I was really impressed with how they've organized things and the amount of space available. They have a ton of resources available to members and from the sound of things membership is on the rise in a big way. It was funny to be there with Michael as I was thinking back to when I first met Him and Charles (when they took a summer workshop at UWM) and how they hung out after the class and we talked about how great it would be to have all of the "making" resources of the University in one place and open to the public. The Milwaukee Makerspace group had just started and they were a small group who was meeting at a local restaurant for group meetings and working on projects at one of the founding member's house. It's really amazing what they've built in such a short time when I think back to that moment. This is not to mention all of the events and opportunities that they have instituted and how they have made their presence known in the city and local communities. One of their coolest things is their Makership. It's a way to get a free 3 month membership for coming up with a project that you would like to complete with the help of the space and members there. 

The group is also planning a Maker Faire and I'm sure this will prove to be very impressive. They will be having a meeting at the space on Tuesday and it's open to anyone who is interested. Use it as an opportunity to come to the space and see what's happening there.

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This is every "handy persons" dream