Wednesday, October 30, 2013

clarissa halat

Clarissa Halat is one of my former students who just graduated last semester. She recently participated in the Milwaukee Makerfest by putting on a workshop on jewelry making. I came across her Flikr site when looking through some of the promotional info from the event. I had seen her necklaces in her final show and Jill and I were both big fans of the pieces when we went to the opening. I hadn't seen the final images of her senior work, so I was shocked when I saw the images she had taken. Clarissa was one of my Intro students a few years ago and she had taken many classes with me. I remember seeing her paintings in one of the scholarship shows when she was in my Intro course and I was amazed at her ability to use color and mark making in her paintings. At some point she decided to become a Metals major (possibly due to some slight prodding from me) and the rest is history. I really enjoyed working with her during the last few years and miss seeing her around the studio.

Clarissa is always so thoughtful and I think it really shows in this work. I hold her in high regard and I'm proud of her for being motivated to take those important "first steps" after graduating to realize what she can do in her future endeavors  She stopped by my studio last week and it was so good to talk to her. She is going to be showing work at the Harley Museum during the Art vs. Craft event on November 30th. If you want to see her new work, make sure to go check it out at the event.

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