Wednesday, October 30, 2013

motorbike work

I messed with motorbikes this past weekend. Noah and I are waiting on some parts for his Montesa Cota 123. We ordered fork seals while we had his forks torn down. I drilled out the damaged cylinder studs in the engine case and re-tapped. In between, I degreased my 348  engine and got it ready for teardown to put new crankcase seals in it and I degreased and painted some odd 348 parts. I also rearranged the attic space above the garage and moved the GRM/Islo Trialsmaster into place on one of my benches. I picked up a Montesa Cappra 125 MX bike the other day. I might try to build up a vintage MX bike sometime in the distant future. Montesa parts are somewhat hard to come by and there were a little over 1500 of these 18M Cappra 125's made. I also did some work on the singlcab and prepped some pieces so I could get the rear decklid re-welded.

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