Wednesday, October 30, 2013

emily mondloch

Emily Mondloch (one of my students) came into get some help milling some new cabochons last week. She has started laminating wood and metal together and then milling different shaped cabochons from the block. We weren't sure how the layering was going to hold up to the milling, but these turned out great. I think she was as excited about using the Bridgeport as she was at using the Tormach. She has logged a lot of hours on the Tormach so I really feel like she's got her act together on setting a job up and running it without having any issues. She's still working on her RhinoCAM skills, but each job gives her more confidence and knowledge. Before long, she'll know more than I do. I took her and Aaron to Solaris last Friday to meet the CEO and to see about getting them internships in the Spring. It sounds like they're guaranteed paid internships if they want to pursue it. I hope this helps get them off on the right foot after graduation. I always worry about them after they leave...

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