Wednesday, October 30, 2013

halloween 2013

We took the kids trick-or-treating last Sunday evening. Noah decided he wanted to be a Coke can at the last minute (since a kid in his class was one for the school party). Jill and I threw a quick can together the day before so he could go as a soda can. He helped me cut some branding on the vinyl cutter and we wrapped a sonotube and Jill made the top section. Maya went as one of the girls from Despicable Me. Livvie was a little butterfly. The kids and I had fun making decorations for the front windows on the house this year. We spent three nights making Monsters Inc. silhouettes for the front room windows. I freehanded these from some images the kids found and then the kids helped me cut them out with scissors. We'll see if we can expand to the upper level windows next year and fill the lower ones a bit more. As usual the kids received too much candy so I tried my best to lessen the sugar blow to their little bodies, by consuming mass amounts of candy myself. Good times...

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