Saturday, October 12, 2013

some garage time

I mowed the lawn today, and then Jill and I worked on cleaning all of the house windows before I installed all of the storm windows to prepare for Wisconsin winter. The rain delayed us in getting the job completed, but we finished the job once the sun came back out. Later in the day, I worked on cleaning the garage a bit and then Noah and I worked on his Montesa. I need to get a couple things locally before I put his front forks back together, but we should have the chassis wrapped up in a couple of days. I've got the engine torn down and I'm replacing the case seals while I have it apart. The cylinder was a pain to get off (as are all Montesas), but the job is done and now I can go through the whole thing to make sure it runs well. I got the necessary shift selector plate, kickstart lever, new shift rod and shifter via ebay and now I think we have everything we need. Once I get the Montesa back together, I'll get back to finishing the paint inside the garage. I need to get my metal pegboard sections hung after that. Just need to finish some things so I can get a sense of closure. It IS nice to have a decent place to work at home though. I feel like I'm making gradual progress which is good.

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Have Blue said...

Everything a garage should be - clean, well-lit, and full of bikes!

Oddly enough, the very opposite of my garage...