Tuesday, November 26, 2013

cnc'd wax pendant

This is the wax that Aaron milled for a pendant that he will he cast this past weekend. He was having trouble milling this on his Taig, so I told him to just mill it on my Tormach. He came in two weeks ago and set everything up while he was working his SURF hours for me in my studio. He even did a flip on this so he could mill the backside. He did an excellent job on indexing, the set-up of the CAM files, and the actual machining. I think he could have milled it quicker had he set some of this up as 2.5 axis operations, and doing his 3D work in a contained region, but he's still learning and I know he saw where he could have shaved some time off of the production of the piece. It was a good learning experience for him. I can tell he's getting confident with his abilities. So cool to see.

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