Wednesday, December 4, 2013

gd display

The Graphic Design area came to me a couple weeks ago and asked me if I could design and create a display for their end of semester exhibition. I had limited time to complete this, but they assured me that there would be money to pay me for my labor. I really probably shouldn't have taken this on due to the short time frame, but I'm always looking for paying jobs this year, since I'm on sabbatical. I designed everything in Rhino and then made sure the GD area was good with the design. We made some minor changes and I ordered materials. I was able to get the uni-strut cut, all of the wood cut, and the hinges installed on the panels before leaving for Thanksgiving break. Yesterday, I bolted the uni-strut sections together, cut cables, attached cables, made table supports that slide into the uni-strut channel, embedded magnets on the four corners of each panel, and hung and leveled the entire display. Not too bad for a days worth of work. I got home late and was absolutely exhausted. The students are installing today and the show is tomorrow night. 

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