Sunday, December 15, 2013

john's camera

John McGeen, as I have mentioned works for me in my my studio on various research projects through UWM's SURF (undergraduate research) program. John is a graphic design major but also takes photo courses. He is enrolled in a photo course right now and after taking my summer Metals course he became interested in using the J&M skills to fabricate some cameras. He built the camera you see above from scratch (along with a few others that he has in progress with the help of his father). I think he's hooked on these things at the moment  I was stunned when he first showed this camera to me complete with the billows that he had made himself. He asked if he could take a shot of me in my studio. How could I say "no" to this; what an opportunity to see his creation in use! 

If you couldn't tell by all of this, John is a great person with a variety of interests and skills. I like people like that. Spending time with people like this makes life interesting and you're always bound to learn something new. Good stuff...

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Josh Groth said...

This looks awesome!!