Sunday, December 15, 2013

single cab decklid

I finally got around to welding the hinge plates into my single cab decklid. The hinges can now be removed as they would have been when the truck was new. Someone had brazed the entire hinge sections in place at one time, so I had to cut all of that out and make the threaded plates from scratch. I had to fold the edge of the skin back over the inner frame too, since I had separated the two pieces to repair some earlier inner frame damage. The deckled isn't super pretty nor super straight, but it does fit the truck again and I can mount the brake light in the center after I get some dove blue on it. The brake light decklids are somewhat scarce since they were only on a few years of split window buses. I was amazed to see what they were bringing on the samba sans brake light assembly. The decklids sell for over $100 in rusty condition and up to $400 for an original one, and the light assembly sells for around $200 used, so fixing mine was the only way to go. I wish it would warm up a bit so I could get out to the garage.

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