Monday, December 16, 2013

more scuba scanner

I worked on the SCUBA scanner again today. I milled the acrylic top plate so I could create an access panel so I can get to the batteries that power the scanner and the Raspberry Pi. I made then made adjustments to my Rhino file, so I could allow for some clearance between the opening and the access plate and cut the 1/4" aluminum plate. The .01" offset clearance was perfect and the panel drops in perfectly with no slop or wiggle at all. I made the flange that it set on a bit deeper than 1/4" to allow for the gasket material that I will seal it with. Then I flipped over to the other side and made some brackets for the handles and laid out a window so you can hold the scanner vertically and see what your'e scanning through the scanner windows. I still need to mil that and make the acrylic piece that will fit into the window. Also have to finish shaping/drilling the handle brackets and turn the handles. In other words there is a lot to do still...

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