Saturday, January 25, 2014

prosthetic hand: milwaukee prt.9 (chicago fasteners)

My chicago screws came in two days ago. I'll be using these for Shea's Beast Hand. They are super lightweight and perfect for this application of needing a low profile head. It's funny that I'm using these, as I remember playing with these when I was little. I haven't used them since that time, so they bring back a lot of memories. My Dad used to have a collection of those small bolt storage bins in the corner or his shop on the workbench. I remember taking hardware out off these when I was little and I would make things or use them when I played with my toys. I would combine pieces of hardware to create things OR I just messed up the organization of his trays by putting things in spaces they didn't belong as I was "playing". Opening these bags brought back lost of memories of tinkering in his shop. Thanks for not getting too mad about me always messing about your shop, Dad.

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