Saturday, January 25, 2014

prosthetic hand: milwaukee prt.8 (materials and resources)

I've been quiet with my posts about Shea's hand. I'm not sure why as I have been doing a lot to prepare for our next meeting. I've been keeping up with all of the activity and collaboration occurring on the e-NABLE group. I'll have more info. on that soon. I ordered supplies for us to use in the creation of Shea's hands. I sourced most of this from Amazon, but many of the orthoplastic sheets were shipped from Patterson Medical, who apparently has an office just a few miles North of me in Cedarburg. My colleague, Adream called them, and they put us in touch with a regional representative who knows a ton about splinting, so this should create a positive relationship that we can use as a resource. I purchased cabling supplies, Velcro, colored thermoplastics, filaments (in Shea's favorite colors),  and splinting sock liners. Adream and I played with milling and laser cutting the thermoplastic to see if we could cut some patterns into the material. My laser cutter settings were a bit too hot, but I slices like butter; same with the milling machine. It does leave some burrs along the edge similar to when you machine nylon, but nothing that can't be cleaned up.

In the last few weeks I have been preparing links to where I sourced many of the materials for Shea's hands. During this time, Jen Owen was working on a new site for the e-NABLE group and she put out a call for resources for all things pertaining to 3D printed prosthetic design and creation. I put together the following and she now has all of this on the e-NABLE group's new website. You can access the e-NABLE site here.

Here is what I submitted to her:
Names of 3d print design programs that are easy for beginners and programs that you are using yourselves - with links?
3D Modeling Software
Commercial Software
used for creating 3D models and renderings. Works very well with meshes as well as basic 2D and 3D solid model generation.
Mac OSX version is in Beta testing so it is FREE to download at the moment.
PC version $995
Autodesk Inventor (
Autodesk offers student download free 36 month student license:
Solidworks (

Open Source Software
OpenSCAD (
FreeCAD ( parametric 3D modeling
Blender (

3D Scanning
3D Scanner Hardware
Next Engine Scanner (
3D Systems Sensor handheld Scanner
X-Box 360 Kinect ( for scanning

3D Scanning Software
Scan Studio used with Next Engine Scanner (
Rapidworks (
Makerware for Scanning
Scanect ( software used for scanning with the Kinect
ReconstructMe ( software used for scanning with the Kinect

CAM Software (for generating gcode for subtractive carving of objects)
RhinoCAM used for creating gcode to mill 2D and 3D milled or routed parts.

CNC milling, routing, laser cutting, 3d printer control software
Mach 3 used to run cnc machine; gcode is loaded into this program and this program sends signals to cnc machine to be able to cut objects from sheet or block of material.

3D Model Slicing for 3D printing
Open source software:
Makerware (
Slic3r (
Pronterface (
Repetier (

STL Repair and Mesh Manipulation
Open Source Software
netfabb (
autodesk3d print (
Meshmixer (

Favorite 3d printers and links where to find them.
3D Printers
RepRap Open Source
RepRap (
Prusa Mendel (
Prusa i3 (
Printrbot (

Commercial Printers
Makerbot (
SeeMeCNC ( 
Up! printer (
Cubify (
Ultimaker (

names of and links to medical grade hardware/orthoplastic/foam padding
Medical Suppliers
Patterson Medical (
Splinting Information Resource:
Introduction to Splinting Excerpt
Medical Supplies
Sammons Preston Rolyan Aquaplast Sample Pack

Aquaplast Watercolors Splinting Material Single Sheet, Solid, Electric Blue, 1/8" x 18" x 24" (3.2mm

AliPlast 6A, 1/8 x 24 x 29 inch sheet, White

AliMed Multiform, 24 x 36 x 1/8 inch perforated sheet

Aquaplast Watercolors Ped's Pac "A"
Genuine Velcro 1806-OW-PB/B-30 One-Wrap Self Gripping Strap, 30' Length x 2" Width, Black

Cord, Cabling and Stringing:
Roll of 100 Yards Shade Cord (Or Lift Cord) 0.9 mm

Splint Socks or Arm Protectors
Rolyan(R) Stockinette Splint Liner Splint Liner Small 3" (7.6cm) proximal end, 11¼16" (1.7cm) thumb width

3D Printing Supplies and Suppliers
FDA Approved 3D Printing Filaments:
Taulman 3D T-Glase Polyester Resin Filament 1.75mm 1lb Spool

Ultimachine (

General Material and Fabrication Suppliers:
McMaster-Carr (
Grainger (



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Great Commment...a great resource....

Frankie Flood said...

Thank you!

Peter Binkley said...

Thanks Frankie! This is awesome. Keep us posted on your progress and observations.

Frankie Flood said...

Thanks Peter! And thanks for all the wok you've done on the Talon!!