Saturday, January 25, 2014

von dutch vw motorcycle

Not having any money, and in fact intensely disliking the whole concept of money, the machine was assembled from discarded components found in junkyards, along with components he designed and fabricated himself.

Von Dutch himself admitted its folly: “This Volkswagen motorcycle seems like a complete waste of effort unless I explain my own rationalizing,” he commented, before explaining that the VW engine provides its power nice and low down the rev range, unlike motorcycle engines of similar power output. His criteria for the build were as follows: “The machine must kick start, and not be too long overall. It must have conventional controls, good brakes, good electrics, and a riding position that doesn’t require an acrobat to handle it. It must be reliable through proven engineering and have an effective range. Last, but far from least, it must be economical both in original cost, and operation, for I cannot yet rationalize expensive vehicles that transport me to someplace I don’t really need to go.”

“The motorcycle was built for the purpose of fun and gaining knowledge rather than as a statement of accomplishment motivated by human competition. …if some urge for great but useless power for the sake of status symbol overcomes my logic, a Porsche engine will also fit.”

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